The Sicilian cuisine


The triangular shape of the Sicilian island ("Trinacria" for the Greeks, "Triquetra" for the Romans) is situated in the middle of the Medi-terranio "sea in between lands" which touches Europe, Asia and Africa.

Sicilian cooking was influenced by the populations which inhabited it during the centuries: the Greeks who introduced the cultivation of grapes, olives, and the usage of aromatic herbs; the Romans who made the highland the granary of the empire; the Arabs who introduced the cultivation of citrus fruits and usage of spices; the Normans who introduced in the traditional cuisine the usage of smoked herrings and dry fish; the French who made the cuisine more elaborated; and the Spanish who introduced the cultivation of tomatoes, capsicums, and aubergine (also known as eggplant).


Sicilian desserts


The development of the tradition of Sicilian desserts can be found in three different settings: the traditional farm houses in which the women used to prepare desserts for the many religious and family festivities, the monastery of hermitage nannies which used to prepare rich and imaginative desserts, and the Swiss-Sicilian patisseries which started to spread throughout the island at the beginning of the last century. In those shops pastry chefs from both Swiss and Sicilian origins collaborated on the preparation of now famous dessert.

An important part of the dessert cuisine tradition in Sicily are the various types of  fruits or cream ice creams and of the "granita" prepared with fruit or coffee.

Authentic Sicilian Cuisine Cooking Lessons


Come Join Anna's cooking lessons and have fun while making some traditional Sicilian Cuisine.


You will be making a three course meal, our favourite being:

sarde al beccafico, parmiggiana, and cannoli di ricotta.

At the end of the lesson we will enjoy the lunch we've prepared together.
You will also be provided with a copy of the recipe of the dishes.




Making Sicilian Cannoli Sweets



Making Parmiggiana



Making Sarde al Beccafico




Buon Appetito!




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