The Dolphins Guest House is located in the heart of Taormina.


It is within easy walking distance to the bus terminal (approx. 300 meters) and

the arch "Porta Messina" (start of the "Corso Umberto", approx. 100 meters).


Directions from the bus terminal:


From the bus terminal, turn left and walk down the Via Luigi Pirandello.



When you reach the " Porta Messina" old Arch Gate ( main entrance of the Corso Umberto ),

turn right and keep to the left side.

Turn left at Vico B San Pancrazio (bakery shop on the corner), then a quick right.

The Dolphins Guest House is no. 11 on the right side.


Driving to The Dolphins Guest House


Coming from motorway A18 Catania-Messina, take exit to Taormina, then drive strait up following the sign "Taormina" uphill for about 2 miles. The Via S Pancrazio is the way to the city gate "Porta Messina", before you get to it on the right side of the via S Pancrazio, immidiatly after the church of S Pancrazio there is a bakery shop.
The vico B di via S Pancrazio is a small alley starting from the bakery.
The Dolphins Guest House is located on the right house number 11 of the vico B di via S Pancrazio.

Parking in Taormina

Parking is a problem in Taormina. The limited number of outdoor parking are of 2 kinds :
White lines : only for residents with parking permit.
Blue lines : for all cars (no parking permit needed) for approx. 1 Euro per hour (parking meter).
The other option is the municipal multi-storey car park "Parcheggio Lumbi" just before the town entrance coming from the Highway A 18 (Catania-Messina) cost 14,50 Euro per day. A free shuttle-service will take you from the parking to the center. For longer stays ask us about a declaration of your stay with us to have a discount on the rate of the parking.

By Plane

There is a bus connection between the Catania airport and the bus terminal of Taormina, with buses leaving during the high season ( April to October ) approximately every hour .

There is also a bus connection between the Catania airport and the train station of Catania
(every 20 minutes) called Alibus (orange buses).

By Train

Please note that the train station Taormina/Giardini is located below Taormina on the coast (Taormina is located on a hill above the coast). To reach Taormina from the train station, please take a  bus or a taxi (15,00 Euro).

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.